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May 26, 2017

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Managing Stress - ways to feel your best

May 3, 2017





As you probably already know, stress has a negative impact on our physical & mental health. Some of these effects include, but are not limited to headaches, impaired judgement, depression & compromised immune functioning. 


While 60% of us claim that we are actively doing enough to manage our levels of stress, over 20% admit we don't and another 20% of say we've NEVER even tried engaging in stress-relieving activities. Most often the reason given is that "I'm too busy for stress relief." but this is actually counterintuitive. 

Making effort to relax & replenish gives us more time to be present and improves our ability to function optimally. 


Stress reduction methods are abundant and numerous. Here's a few of my faves:





Massage (self-massage, professional or taking turns with a partner)


Hot bath with bubbles & essential oils

Guided relaxations (think youtube or itunes)

Being in nature

Walking or Hiking

A fun night out bowling or hanging out with friends

Road trips - Even getting somewhat out of your neighbourhood to explore a new area can help open you up to new ideas & possibilities. 


Exercise or team sports - sweat it out, get active and move energy through the body. 


A cup of herbal tea & a good book.

Poetry (reading or writing)



Like most things, stress reduction activities aren't one size fits all. Additionally, it depends on what sort of stress you are under. If I've had a physically demanding week a hot Epsom salt bath is perfect to soothe my sore muscles. However if I've had a week full of administrative stress or if I'm awaiting big news, getting out and moving around helps me release some of that anxious energy.


If you're new to the idea of relaxation, try a few different techniques for yourself. And remember: there's no wrong or right way to relax. Simply do what works for you and enjoy it! Until next time, I hope exploring your stress reduction activities helps you feel your best. 

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