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Real Yogis Feature: Stacey Byrnes

September 20, 2017

Name: Stacey Byrnes


Hometown: Peachland, BC, Canada



Stacey Byrnes is a dynamic, hard working woman who rises to meet challenge with a sense of humour and a warm contagious smile. Her spirit of service is obvious within moments of meeting her as she seeks to contribute and support others in her community. While I may already be 34 years old, when I grow up, I'd be delighted to be like Stacey.


1. Share a bit about yourself:

As a Type A personality, I was more of an aerobic / spinning class – type of girl.  Over the years, I tried yoga but thought I would DIE from having to sit still. At 50, a friend invited me to yoga she was teaching in her home.  I felt so different for days after the class. Like every muscle in my body had been stretched, was tingling and alive.  Also my mind was somehow more rested and on a different wave-length as a result of this one hour class.  I wanted more! 

When major life challenges running a home-based business and family illness caused me to almost lose my grip, I began relying on my yoga practice to ground and calm me.  

Today I have more balance in my life than ever.  I need yoga and prayer in my daily life. When my mind is racing I’m not normally open to or listening for the ideas and answers that arise when I practice prayer and yoga.  When I skip these things because “life is too busy”, I find I’m soon blaming and trying to control others…a guaranteed recipe for unhappiness.


*Stacey Hiking in Revelstoke with her son Bryce & Husband Greg. 


2. What are you working on right now?

Two things I’m working on currently are:

1) Slowing down.  My constant FOMO, and a hectic pace of life that I used to believe made me feel “Alive”, actually leaves me tired and drained.  This life-long habit is something I’ve been trying to change over the last year and it’s working! I schedule my down time daily and don’t move these important meetings for myself when other activities come knocking. 

2) A three-month trip to Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal and India. On my wall I have this quote from Pico Iver: “Travel is like love…mostly because it’s a heightened state of awareness in which we are mindful, receptive, undimmed by familiarity and ready to be transformed.” 

This says it all for me.  My husband I will backpack and travel overland through these high altitude lands, doing some trekking and maybe try some local yoga! 


*Currently Stacey is out exploring the world with her husband Greg and living the dream she wrote about here and worked to create. Happy Travels Stacey! Can't wait to here all about it. 

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