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May 26, 2017

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Real Yogis Feature: Christina Raskin

October 3, 2017

Name: Christina Raskin
Age: 39
Hometown: All of California 


Christina is a dedicated & disciplined student and teacher of yoga. Adept at empowering others, Christina created and facilitates Yoga Teacher training for the Oxygen Yoga Franchise. Patient, kind and intentional, Christina creates an excellent environment for others to grow without judgement. If you're looking for a thorough, well-rounded certification free from ego, I highly suggest checking her out...But don't mention any of these things as she's likely too modest to admit them.  

1. Share a bit about yourself:

Born and raised in California, I started dancing from a very young age. I always knew I
wanted to be a dancer and I danced professional for 12 years. I’m a natural mover and wander and finally decided to settle into one spot (for the time being) in Vancouver, BC with my husband seven years ago. I absolutely love it here; the nature, the people, the culture. I’ve traveled to many countries and lived in many cities but I’m now finding that the steadiness of being in one place really suits me.

I fell in love with Asana (yoga postures) right away, from the first class. I liked the
challenge and the feeling of a focused, moving meditation. As I continued to practice the
deeper elements became more important and relevant. Although I live and breath yoga
asana for my work, I would say that currently the deeper elements of yoga are the most
important for me. I am constantly playing with the idea of living yoga off the mat. By
that, I mean that I want to embody the philosophy of yoga, to the best of my ability in all that I do. How do I practice being more present & more honest? How do I live in alignment with my principles? This is challenging, and I often stumble, but the reward of peace and contentment is so worth it.

2. What are you working on right now?

I am currently working on being more balanced in my life. The last few years have been
a big period of growth for my teaching. It is such a blessing yet I can fall out of balance. I knew this may happen as I embarked on owning my own studio and growing a teacher-training program, however, now that things are sustainable on the career side, it is important that I bring more balance into my life. I’m working on getting back into some hobbies (like cooking) and spending quality time with friends, my husband, and my dog.


The Root Chakra deals with stability and security. I have often had challenges with
being balanced in my Root Chakra. I often feel unstable or not taken care of. Fear
creeps in that I won’t be able to survive, that there isn’t enough. I work on this
throughout my life and just like any other lesson there are many deep layers to it. Lately
the fear has been coming back, so I currently practice meditations on the Root
Chakra, eat more root vegetables, and touch the ground with my bare feet. One of
my favourite mantras for this is “The Universe supports me in all that I do.” There is no
better feeling then having faith that you are supported and taken care of.

I’m also thinking a lot about yoga and Instagram… lol! The way that yoga teachers are
portraying yoga on social media and all of the implications that has. I personally do not

post on my Instagram account, although I’m told constantly that I need to get onboard
with that. From a career perspective it seems to be necessary however I don’t like the
misperception that yoga is all about the pose and how one looks. I believe this
marketing on Instagram perpetuates materialism, attachment to externals, and the idea
that yoga is only for certain body types. This bothers me so I am in an internal battle on
if (or how) to do social media in a responsible way. I’m sure this internal debate will
wage on for some time… :)


 Christina teaching anatomy along side her boney buddy Archie


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