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May 26, 2017

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Real Yogis Feature: Ellen Koch

March 14, 2018

Name: Ellen Koch

Age: 25

Hometown: Agassiz, BC (currently residing in Vancouver)


Ellen is a kind, conscientious & curious yogi with an open mind and patient heart. A skilled, reliable & professional yoga teacher, Ellen shares her learnings generously & with clarity. If you're in the Vancouver area, check her out.


Share a bit about yourself:


I started practicing yoga as a student during my undergraduate degree at the University of British Columbia. Like many others, I was initially drawn to the practice because of the physical benefits. In particular my goal was to increase core strength and flexibility, however I found yoga to have profound effects beyond the physical. With the intense stress that came full-time studies and adjusting to living away from home for the first time at a young age, yoga helped me to cope, grow, and thrive in my life.


That was in 2010, and still today as I feel the stress of school, work, relationships and more. Yoga helps me see the big picture and not worry so much about the small stuff. I practice yoga often, and meditate every day, as a way to bring myself to the present moment and pay attention to how I feel in my body, mind and soul. Taking the time out of my day to be still and silent helps me let go of my worries, sometimes even bringing me the answers to a problem I have (or allowing me to realize there is nothing I can do about it). On top of that, yoga has helped me to be more disciplined, in control of myself and my emotions, able to concentrate and be present in every day life – and I am getting better every day.The times in my life where I experience anxiety and depression are often when I have been neglecting giving time for myself, and in the process neglecting my meditation and yoga practice. Yoga has taught me a lot about myself, about life, and I know there is so much more I will learn as I continue to practice throughout my life.




What are you working on right now?



Learning and teaching are two things I find exciting in life. As a yoga teacher, I enjoy sharing my practice with others and building connections with the mindful, inspiring people I meet. I am also a graduate student studying neuroscience with a deep passion for science and education. As yoga has had such a lasting impact in my life, I am interested in combining what I have learned and continue to learn from yoga with the research conducted by scientists. Yoga has so much ancient wisdom, and scientists are starting to study the benefits of this practice on the brain, the mind, and the body.




My project for the next year is to bring yoga and science together, in my classes and through my blog. Yoga, meditation, mindfulness -- these have all been shown to have beneficial effects for people, and can be therapeutic for a large number of mental and physical ailments. Knowledge is powerful, and by combining my backgrounds in both science and yoga I hope to reach more people and show them what yoga can do for them.






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